Explorer Post 27 was officially started in November of 1986. We started with 17 youth members who had expressed an interest in Police work and/or the Emergency Medical field. Most of the charter members were local high school students, who had volunteered their time to assist the Police with parking at the Firestone Park Festival. The post was the idea of now retired Police/EMS Chief Mark Shaffer. It was started under the direction of male advisor Patrolman/EMT Kevin Kloss and female advisor Aux. Ptl./EMT Kathy Veon. Jay Groner City Service Director was named as the Chairman of the adult executive committee.


The Post number “27” was chosen as it was the Police/EMS code for “Emergency”. The post was to have the dual purpose of providing aspects of both police work and the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). At the time it was the only post in the Buckeye District that covered two career fields.

The post was to be financially self-supporting through fundraising and donations. Explorers raised funds with car-washes, selling candy, light bulbs, and holding a jail and bail at a local festival. A pop machine was placed in the lobby of the Police Department with the proceeds going to the explorers.


The first elected youth officers of the post were:


Jeff Stoy, President
Dave Nery, Vice President
Angela Zitto, Secretary
Scott Sheerer, Treasurer


Explorers underwent advanced first aid training, radio communications, basic police procedures, including misdemeanor and felony traffic stops. Explorers received training in the EMS field by working with one of our ambulances in mock situations.


The Explorers fast became interested in rope rescue, and the advisors and several explorers attended a three day rope rescue course hosted by Columbus Fire Department. Hands on training was done at the State Fire Academy. Explorers were soon practicing their skills on cliffs, buildings and even the water towers in Columbiana, Leetonia, and New Waterford. To date we have only performed one “real rope rescue”, but we continue to maintain and hone our skills. We hold a public show yearly to demonstrate these skills.


In 1987 one of our Explorers Brian Mclaughlin, while working at a local restaurant initiated CPR on a patron who had suffered a heart attack and was in Cardiac Arrest. Brian was still performing CPR when our rescue personnel arrived. The patient was revived by the crew who credited Brian’s immediate intervention with saving the man’s life.


October 1989 the Explorers conducted a “Save-A-Life” weekend at Camp McKinley, Lisbon, Oh. The weekend was designed to prepare Boy Scouts to complete their First Aid Merit Badge. Adult leaders were also certified in CPR during the weekend. One of the special events was the landing of a “Life Flight helicopter,” providing everyone with experience on setting up landing zones in remote areas. The weekend long event was attended by 148


December 1989, The post members volunteered to put out the luminaries in Firestone Park, lighting the park drives. The candles were left over from previous years. It took post members 45 minutes to light the whole display and all evening was spent re-lighting and replacing candles.


In January of 1990, the Explorers through fundraising and donations, purchased a 1981 “well used” ambulance. The ambulance was repainted by the Explorers under the leadership of a local body shop owner who donated his facility and time. The squad was to be used for training purposes, parades, and to provide a first aid center at community events. The ambulance was fully equipped to function as a “Basic Ambulance” and was able to back-up the regular department’s two paramedic equipped squads.


February 26, 1990 The Explorers were presented an award from the Columbiana Rotary club for outstanding service rendered to the Village of Columbiana.


During the spring of 1990 The Explorers staged a mock tornado drill at an abandoned home near South Side School. High school students and friends of the Explorers were recruited as victims. There were a total of 12 “mock victims” whose injuries ranged from fatal to walking wounded. The Explorers responded with their own ambulance, along with members of Columbiana EMS, in the two medic ambulances. The rescuers were greeted by a dark smoke filled house with victims placed throughout. Some victims were trapped and had to be extricated. The Explorers worked well with the regular EMT’S in their first Mass Casualty Drill. The exercise was deemed a success.


In October of 1991 during the State EMS Competition held in Zanesville, Ohio, a team of our Explorers competed at the adult level, surprising all by taking third place overall in the CPR/Driving Competition. This was a three man crew consisting of Edward Kinney, Ryan Pike, and Scott Garlough. The driving course was held on the runways of the nearby Zanesville Airport. The “Ambulance crew” responded to a victim at the side of the road who was found to be in cardiac arrest. They had to initiate resuscitation measures, load the victim, and transport to a medical facility. During the transport phase, and while performing CPR on a recording mannequin, the ambulance had to be maneuvered through an obstacle course.


January of 1991 members of the post responded to a search and rescue call in Elk Run Township. We joined other county agencies in searching for a missing hunter, After several hours it was learned that the hunter was actually in the company of friends rather than out hunting as had been reported.


January of 1992 Explorers traveled to Allegheny Hospital in Pittsburgh P.A. the home base of our nearest Life Flight Helicopter. Explorers were taught how to prepare a landing zone and how to direct and communicate with the helicopter during a scene flight. The Explorers were treated to a tour of the hospital emergency departments, communications center and a helicopter. As part of the training Explorers had to be familiar with proper techniques for approaching and loading patients in the helicopter. All Explorers became certified L.Z. Coordinators.


In February of 1993 at the winter conference of the Ohio Association of Emergency Medical Services the team of Ryan Pike, Edward Kinney, Heather Bruderly, and Bradley Reed took 1st place in the youth division. This competition was based on three scenarios Cardiac, Anaphylactic Shock, and Trauma.


In October of 1993 two teams of Explorers competed in the Ohio Association of Emergency Medical Services State Competition held in Columbus. Both teams competed on the youth level; however, the scenarios where the same as the adult level. The first team of Wade Boley, Edward Kinney, Ryan Pike, and Nick Kinney took first place at the state level competing in simulated accident scenarios. Had they been competing on the adult level, this team earned enough points to have placed third. The second team of John Longbottom, Serre Serroka, Carrie Cress, and Missy Leasure took second place honors.


May of 1993 Explorers were invited to attended the Radiological response class at the Shippingport Nuclear Power Plant. Explorers learned how to use detection equipment, how to dress to avoid contamination, and how to decontaminate victims and equipment. As part of the response training, Explorers were treated to a tour of the Simulator Control Room, and manned several key plant control positions, while a plant emergency was simulated.


Also May of 1993 Explorers participated in the Columbiana Emergency Medical Service’s Safety Expo, demonstrating rope rescue and auto extrication.


January of 1994 the Explorers manned a first aid station at Camp McKinley, Lisbon Ohio for the Winter Polar Bear Campout.


In the fall of 1994 with the Cooperation of the Columbiana Schools System, The Explorers staged a mock school bus crash. Again students and friends were recruited to serve as accident victims. Injuries ranged from severe to the walking wounded. Several victims required extrication with portable power units (simulated as not to damage the bus) many required C-Spine immobilization by collars and back boarding before they could be removed from the bus. Rescuers learned fast, how confining the interior of a school bus could be. This event proved to a great learning exercise for all, Explorers and EMT’S alike.


Summer of 1994 saw the Explorers learning how to use scuba gear and training in under- water rescue and recovering techniques.


1995 The post “inherited” One of the EMS Department’s used paramedic squads that was being replaced with a new one. This car was used to replace the “well used and now useless” ambulance that the post had bought in 1990. This car was re-painted and lettered by the Explorers themselves with the assistance of a parent. This squad has proven its usefulness time and time again.


During the spring of 1996 Explorers attended a Sky Warn Program and were certified as tornado spotters and reporters, This program was conducted by the Emergency Management Agency.

May 1996 the Explorers found themselves at Kent State putting on a public rope rescue demonstration throughout the day. The post also staged a mock traffic accident with the roles of Police and EMS being played by Explorers.


June of 1996 the Explorers were again treated to a class at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power plant. The explorers were trained in the proper preparation, treatment of, and decontamination of patients exposed to radiation.


October of 1996 Explorers received training in search and rescue and then participated in a drill held near Lisbon Ohio.

During the Spring of 1997 the post was working together with the Auxiliary Police who had purchased a camping trailer. The trailer was refitted as a mobile command post to be a center of operations at community events. The trailer soon became a joint project and has proven its worth many times.


June found the explorers again out by Burger King demonstrating rope rescue techniques and they also conducted a mock traffic crash with the assistance of the Columbiana Fire Department.

May of 1998 the Explorers set up headquarters at Jamestown Trace. The Post with the assistance of the newly formed Fire Post in East Palestine conducted a mock accident with fire and auto extrication. Explorers also set up a landing zone for a Life Flight helicopter which landed during the event. Interestingly, the helicopter was soon needed at a real accident scene nearby. It was a very busy weekend.

November of 1998 we again teamed up with the Fire Post from East Palestine, and staged an explosion in the old Columbiana Public Library. The Fire Explorers entered the building with charged hoses and airpacks, removed victims, turning them over to the EMS Explorers who then began to evaluate and prepare patients for transportation in order of the most severe injuries. Patients were transported out by Explorers and members of Columbiana EMS.


During the 1998 July 4th Activities Explorers manned the Command post providing park information and a first aid station.


May of 1999 the Explorers were again set up at Jamestown Trace. The explorers demonstrated rope rescue and felony traffic stops for the public.


September of 1999 the Explorers along with the Columbiana Emergency Medical Service participated in a drill held by the Columbiana Emergency Management Agency in conjunction with the Shippingport Nuclear Power Plant.


The total hours for the year 1999 was 1,547.5.

May of 2000 found the Explorers at Beaver Creek Sate Park for the annual public show. Explorers demonstrated rappelling and rope rescue, DUI and Felony traffic stops. An interesting note: during the traffic felony traffic stop demonstration, someone alerted the Park Police that “something was happening and that they needed to assist the Police” Apparently our demonstration was a little too realistic for someone.


In July the explorers combined efforts with the Columbiana Auxiliary Police to hold the first annual “Safety Day”. The event was held in the grass lot near National City Bank. During the day the Safe Kids Coalition “smoke house” was on hand providing an excellent education for children on how to react should their ever be a fire in their home. Also a Life Flight helicopter landed and was on display during the afternoon. Area Fire Departments were on hand, With Beaver Township displaying their new tower truck. A Roll Over simulator was on hand from the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The Columbiana Fire Department was on hand demonstrating new extrication equipment.


During the summer months explorers were trained in water rescue and the use of scuba gear.

The total hours for the year 2000, was 1,996.

In February of 2001 the post took a leap and joined the information highway, by establishing their own web site known as EXP27.org This quickly became a great tool for communicating with Explorer members, and a place to showcase their achievements. It was also a tool for recruiting members.


Members of the post also took part in a search and rescue of a victim who had fled into a remote area. The victim was located by the Explorers who treated the P.T. and then one of the explorers assisted EMS on the way to the hospital.

The post continued with its community events assisting the Auxiliary Police Force.

The total hours for the year 2001 was 2,262. of those hours 1,192 were spent in ride-along experiences.

For the year of 2002 we started a full rope rescue class this year. Several of our members were able to
complete this training. We also continued with our water rescue/recovery training with the use of
scuba gear.


Explorers also took a more active roll with the mock crash held at the High School in conjunction with
Prom Promise. Explorers responded with their own ambulance and acted as one of the responding
rescue units.

This year we surpassed our previous record of 18 members with a roster of 20 Explorers! We have  had over 2000 visitors to our web site. We also held a mini basic EMT course for members.

The total hours for this year were 2,476.5 with 647 spent in ride-along experiences.


2003 proved to be an interesting year. We initiated what we called the “Murder Mystery” we put together
a weekend long crime for the Explorers to solve. The “murder” took place at the “one stop truck stop”
Explorers spent Friday night through Sunday solving the crime and tracking down suspects. The weekend
concluded with the setting of a Grand Jury made up of parents. The Explorers were able to return an
indictment against their suspect.


Post members also responded to the Village of Leetonia to assist their Fire Dept. in a search and rescue
of an elderly man who had wondered off. He was located after a 6 hour search.


Explorers also had a great opportunity to fly in a Air Force C130 out of the Air Base in Pittsburgh. We
flew into Canada and over the Falls. Explorers were all given cockpit time. It was a great experience.

Explorer’s continued to practice their police and EMS skills. We continued with out record breaking
membership of 20.

The Total hours for 2003 where 2,121.5. Of those hours 516 were spent in ride-along experiences.


2004 Saw the return of our Murder Mystery. Having one under our belts already this event was
expanded. This year involved a Murder and the kidnapping of “Ralphy” grandson of wealthy tycoon
John Trump. Ultimately the Explorers were able to track down the killers and rescue Ralphy.


We also began active shooter training in an abandoned school with the use of simunitions weapons.
This also included hostage negotiations. We also conducted building searches with the old school.


A mission statement was prepared and posted to the Explorers web site. They continued with their
other yearly activities, including rope rescue, scuba diving, shooting and the community events.


We logged 1,625.5 hours this year.


2005 Was a busy year. We again conducted what has become an annual event our Murder Mystery.
This years was mystery was better than ever. With the corporation of Farmers Bank we staged a bank
robbery. Explorers were simply told to respond to an alarm signal at the bank where they found a guard
shot to death and some very upset customers and bank employees. Explorers after tracking down a
weekend of clues were able to solve this crime. Two weeks later we conducted a mock trial with the
assistance of Municipal Court Judge Mark Frost and two attorney’s from the Columbiana County
Prosecutors Office. The robbers were found guilty.


This was also the year that Columbiana Celebrated its Bicentennial. Explorers were out for the week
long events held in various parts of the City.


Explorers logged a total of 1,695.5 hours this year.

In 2006 we started another annual event. This was a simulated arrest raids. Explorers were provided
with intelligence sheets on each suspect they would be arresting. They then had to track down this individuals and affect the arrest. They then had to transport the subject to the police station, process them through booking procedures and then incarcerated them in jail.


We continued with our annual Murder Mystery. This year with the corporation of the Brinks Corporation
we staged the holdup of a Brinks Armored Truck. This was our biggest undertaking so far and at one time
required the use of a police dive team to recover evidence from a lake. Also as a different twist we began
giving the Explorers unrelated police calls to handle while they were conducting their investigation. This kept the Explorers quit busy. Ultimately they were able to track down the holdup men at an old farm house in the township.

We crossed another mile stone this year as we celebrated our 20 year anniversary in November.


We logged a total of 1,096 hours this past month.




Our explorer membership at its fullest was 20. Our lowest membership has been 6, with an average yearly membership of 12.

Every year the post has tried to have a major event or fun trip. We have gone canoeing, taken trips to the
Allegheny National Forest, attended district ACE conferences, pool parties, cookouts, and hay rides. The
members especially enjoy competing against other posts at area conferences.


The Post has continually proven its worth to the community. Explorers have assisted the Auxiliary Police at power outages, during major storms, and other unanticipated events. Further, the Explorers have become the right hand of the Auxiliary Force, and can be seen at all public events in Columbiana assisting with traffic and crowd control.


In 1992 the Explorers were approached by the Chamber Of Commerce who asked if they would take over the annual canoe races held every July 4th in Firestone Park. The Explorers readily took over the event and have been getting wet every year since.


Since its inception, the post has qualified for the National Exploring Excellence Award which is awarded yearly to units that have maintained the standards of excellence through programming, leadership, training, and service.


In 1998 Explorer President Brandon Smith was presented with the Citizen Youth Award at the annual
Columbiana Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Brandon served for two years as Chief of the post

We were honored by the Columbiana Chamber of Commerce for our 30th year of operation in 2016.


To date 148 youth members have passed through the program to completion. Of those 148 members 23 have gone on to careers as full time Police Officers, 12 have gone on to have careers in the Emergency Medical Field. 25 joined the ranks of the Columbiana Auxiliary Police Force, and 7 went into Emergency dispatching. 22 have gone on to serve their Country in the Armed Forces.


Original Charter Members.


Executive committee:
Kevin Kloss, Advisor
Kathy Veon, Advisor
Mark Shaffer, Head of Sponsoring Institution
Jay Groner, Committee Chairman
Jack Hill, Committee Member
Frank Nulf, Committee Member
Pam Zitto, Committee Member
Alan Fitzsimmons, Committee Member


Original Youth Members:


Jeff Stoy
L.J. Eberle
Darren Hanna
Pat McMillin
Melanie McMillin
Greg Hromiko
Randy Schauer
Scott Sheerer
Frank Nulf
Mike Nulf
Elana Zitto
James Schauer
Brian McLaughlin
David Nery
Angela Zitto
Montgomery Hill
Aaron Burger


Explorers who have gone on to have careers as Law Enforcement Officers:


Brian McLaughlin, Columbiana County Sheriffs Department
Melanie McMillin, New York P.D. Forensic Sciences
L.J. Eberle, Washtenaw County Sheriffs Department MI
Mike Gurlea, Ohio State Highway Patrol
Edward Kinney, Medina City Police Department
Ryan Pike, Columbiana City Police Department
Wade Boley, Columbiana City Police Department
Bryce Bezdek, Cincinnati City Police Department
Stacy Dattilio, Stark County Sheriffs Department
Marvin Grace, Columbiana City Police Department
Bradon Smith, Perry Twp. & East Palestine P.D
Chris Bader, Columbiana City Police Department
Justin Morris, New Waterford Police Department
Chris Albert, Beaver Township Police Department
Rick Whitfield, Columbiana City Police Department
Matthew Stephens, Henrico County Police – Henrico County Virginia
Aaron Stewart, Carroll County Sheriffs Department
Brian Cowles, Ohio State Highway Patrol
Bryan Granchie, Columbiana Police Department
James Marco, Poland Village Police Department
Angelo Pasquale, Beaver Township Police Department
Dave Beavers, New Waterford Police Department
Robert Sanchez, Columbiana Police Department
Mary Kloss, Columbiana Police Department
Dylan Bell, Lowellville Police Department
Colin Trayes, Columbiana and East Palestine Police Dept’s


Explorers who have gone on to have careers in the EMS field:


Frank Nulf, Paramedic Columbiana EMS.
Brandon Beason, Paramedic Columbiana EMS & Rural Metro.
Monty Hill, EMT Columbiana EMS.
Edward Kinney, EMT Columbiana EMS.
Wade Boley, EMT Columbiana EMS & Life Team.
Heather Bruderly, Paramedic Columbiana EMS & Rural Metro.
Rick Whitfield, EMT Columbiana EMS.
Adam Richter, EMT Beaver Twp. Fire Dept.
Justin Boley, EMT Columbiana EMS
Robert Sanchez, Paramedic Rural Metro, and Columbiana EMS
Ian Harker, Columbiana EMS


Explorers who have joined the ranks of the Columbiana Auxiliary Police:



Jeff Stoy
Monty Hill
Brian McLaughlin
Mike Nulf
Adam Richter
Ben Hunt
Heather Bruderly
Jason Weyand
Josh Hunt
Edward Kinney
Ryan Pike
Wade Boley
Charmaine Harcarik
Marvin Grace
Brandon Smith
Justin Morris
Chris Bader
Milssa Redmond
Sean Kapp
Rick Whitfield
Chris Albert
Robert Rawlings
Matthew Stephens
Nathaniel Wilson
Ryne Sawders
Aaron Stewart
Ryan Pavlicko
Brian Cowles
Bryan Granchie
Robert Sanchez
Keith Brammer
Zach Williams
Dave Beavers
Daniel Farinelli
James Marco
Angelo Pasquale
Jordan Bradley
Mary Kloss
Zach Green
Brandon Schmitt
Hannah Hromiko
Chad Veiock
Kaitlyn McDaniel
Dylan Bell
Colin Trayes
Ryan Marshburn
Bradley Mcgovern
Justin Neff
Alexander Plant


Explorers who have gone on to communications:


Brian McLaughlin
Wade Boley
Mike Nulf
Chris Bader
Rick Whitfield
Sean Kapp
Chris Albert
Aaron Stewart
Brian Cowles
Zach Willams
Dave Beavers
Hannah Hromiko
Jordan Bradley
Colin Trayes


This history reflects only the highlights of Explorer Post 27’s tenure.


Rev. 12-2018 K. Kloss