Mission Statement

The mission of the Columbiana Explorer Post 27 is to provide a safe, exciting, and fun atmosphere for

young men and women to explore the career fields of law enforcement and EMS. It is our mission to
learn these fields be exemplifying professionalism, organization, and leadership.


We will maintain a professional attitude toward learning. We will strive to accomplish the tasks presented
to us efficiently, effectively, and professionally. The nature of the career fields we explore often times keep
us in the public eye. As members we strive to maintain a professional image, always mindful that our behavior
not only reflects the post , but the safety services of the City of Columbiana, and safety services abroad. We
will always act in a professional manner, for this is a key characteristic of the public safety servant we strive to
become. As members of Explorer Post 27 we recognize that we must strive to keep our personal life, in a
professional manner as well. As members we must keep ourselves physically fit, mentally awake, and morally
straight. We understand that illegal and immoral activity is not a characteristic of a public service professional.


We will maintain structure and organization within the post. We recognize this is essential for maintaining the
post existence as well as necessary for completing our learning objectives. We understand that in our future
career fields organization is paramount to be effective. As members we will strive to be organized in our
meetings, training objectives, service projects, and personal lives. As members of Explorer Post 27 we will
strive to work as a team while honor and respecting the chain of command.


As members of Explorer Post 27, we will strive to execute leadership. We recognize that in our future
profession we will be required to follow orders and directives of our leaders in dynamic and stressful
situations. For this reason we must learn to not only follow and execute orders given to us, but become leaders
ourselves. We recognize that strong leadership is a key to success in any organization. We will recruit and
nurture new members, and strive to become leaders not only with in the post, but in our community.


In conclusion, the mission of Explorer Post 27 is to develop and shape young men and women in our ranks to
be the safety service processionals of the future. We will strive to provide education,career development, and
logistical support for post members who are truly interested in a career of safety service.