Membership is open to any male or female age 14 to 20 who is at least a freshman in high school or is age 15. We meet every other week on Thursday nights from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. We sometimes meet on weekends and other times depending on the program and events. Our post is rather unique in that we cover two career fields: Police and the Emergency Medical Technician field.


Members of the Post must maintain a good moral standing in the community, a good driving record, passing grades in school, and shall not be involved in any type of criminal activity. The Post is operated by the youth members who annually elect officers. The adults function only as advisors.


We have a dress uniform that is worn when riding, and at public events. This consists of a uniform shirt (similar to our police) black pants (BDU’s and black neat appearing jeans are acceptable) clothes must be fitted as not to hang off/down on the body. We also have an informal uniform that consist of a golf/tee shirt with our police emblem on the front and lettered on the back “Police Explorer”. Duty belts can be worn with approved gear (handcuffs, flashlight, multi purpose tools, gloves, radio etc.). Duty belts can be either leather or nylon. Explorers are to appear at all times professionally attired.


Explorers receive in house training in an informal environment, with an emphasis towards hands on training. Training covers every aspect of the career, giving the Explorer a well rounded idea of what to expect in this line of work, or perhaps they will find out that this line of work is not suited for them.


Our most valuable hands-on training is done while explorers are riding. Explorers are teamed up with an Officer or an Ambulance crew enabling them to experience first hand what life is like in their chosen field. Many of our explorers participate in both fields of work. This program also enables the explorer to receive on the job training which can be invaluable when job hunting.


Our Post owns its own fully equipped basic ambulance. It is used for training purposes, first aid at public events, and for parades. Explorers who have a valid drivers license and passed an Emergency vehicle driving course can operate the squad.


We do a public demonstration of our rescue and police skills every year. In the past we have demonstrated rope rescue techniques, misdemeanor and felony traffic stops, field sobriety
testing, auto extrication, and we have even set up mock accident scenes.


Our Explorers are limited only by their own imagination. Like everything else in life, the more they put into the program, the more they will receive from the program. When it comes time to graduate from school and enter the job market, our explorers will already have the base for a fine career.